Directory: Further Reading on the Topic

A young page like cannot provide all the information you are looking for – and this isn’t my aim either. In this section, I try to refer you to other sailing sources that I enjoyed and think might be useful for you.

Sailboats during a regattaAs this website follows two major topics – sailing as a hobby and as a theme for vacations – I have also included references to theme cruises as well as trip reports and photography from private pages. I don't want to give a full record of anything, I simply collected some links that I found useful, informative or amusing.

I hope that you will find this directory useful, too. In other sections of this website you will find links with a more specific purpose such as boat reviews. I am currently working on expanding the directory, so do come back frequently!

Supporters of

A fair number of websites on sailing and related topics have agreed to support my little project in one way or the other. Here you can find out which ones.::more

Marine Weather and Sailing Weather Forecasts

Weather resources are more than useful - they can be essential for safe sailing. Here you can find my collection of online information sources on current weather forecasts as well as tides, storm warning services and torrent information sites. ::more

Maritime Museums, Naval Heritage and Museum Ships

Part I: Maritime Museums in the US and Canada

Part II: Maritime Museums in Great Britain and Ireland

Part III: Maritime Museums in other countries

History of Sailing

I am personally very keen on naval and maritime history. In this section I show a collection of websites dealing with underwater archaeology, maritime history and old sailing ships. ::more

Sailing, Cruise and Boat Magazines

If you are looking for more current information than available in books, you might be interested in magazines. There's plenty of specialist ones - from mags for wooden boat enthusiasts to fans of offshore cruising or local dinghy sailing. ::more

Sailing and Cruising Associations

Sailors tend to be social folks - thus, there's an huge number of sailing club associations around. In this section of the link directory you will find some of the biggest international players - as well as local specialist organisations. ::more

Sailboat and Yacht Owner Associations

Fully dedicated to your very own boat? You are not alone. Through this page you will find the websites of yacht owner associations, sailors who are united by the type of sailboat they have. ::more

Naval and Maritime Academies and Universities

From ocean management and maritime engineering to underwater archaeology and naval academies: These days, universities and colleges offer a huge variety of courses around sailing-related subjects. ::more

Sailboat Repair and Maintenance

Websites on varnish, antifouling products and paint as well as repair services and do-it-yourself sites. ::more

Boatbuilding and Design

Find out more about independent designers or large naval architecture firms as well as building a boat yourself. ::more

Marine Biology, Oceanography, Maritime Science

Here you will find links to marine science organisations, government sites, aquariums and marine life sciences. ::more

Yacht Builders and Dealers

Information about professional boat builders, their business and where to get the boats and ships. ::more

Related Supporters

Other websites that are dealing with sailing, water sports or other recreational topics around the ocean. ::more

General Sailing Links

Still not found what you are looking for? Check out this very last section of the sailing link directory - it happened to be the very first one, too! Here you'll find the first link collection I put online. ::more