Sailing: General Information

It can be tricky to find a good source for basic instructions and advice on such a wide topic as sailing. In this section of, I try to provide you with a good introductory overview on the hobby.

A sailboat. Surprised?It should be anything between a beginner’s guide – your virtual first lesson to this sport – as well as a reference for more experienced sailors. The theory of sailing will be covered briefly, as I would like to emphasize the practical aspects of the sport.

I structured this subsection according to both fields of interest and levels of expertise. I am currently working on the expansion of the topics covered, please be patient and come back frequently!

Of General Interest for Sailors...

A Short History of Sailing: comes in Part I and Part II
Weather: What to keep in mind
Tides and Tidal Currents: An Introduction
Glossary of Sailing Terms
Sailing By - The Sound of the Shipping Forecast
The Early History of Ice Sailing
An Introduction to Land Sailing
An Introduction to Catamaran Sailing

Getting Started: Online Lessons for Sailing Beginners

In Theory: The Science of Sailing

Clothing checklist: How to dress on a boat

Parts of a Boat: What sailing vessels are made of

Gear checklist: What to bring when heading offshore

Orienting yourself: Directions on a boat

Keeping Control of your Dinghy

The "Points of Sailing"

How to Start Racing a Sailboat

The "ColRegs": Avoiding Collisions at Sea