Boats: Sales, Care and Background

Choosing a boat for oneself is a tricky business. Apart from financial constraints, the sheer variety of ship designs and the ever-growing number of yacht manufacturers make it almost impossible to keep up-to-date with the developments on the boat market.

Swedish boats in StockholmIn this section of, I would like to go one step back and give you well-rounded basic information on boat types, materials used and fundamental shapes and parts of ships. I also try to inform you about the effort that you will have to take for boat maintenance and repairs.

Based on this information, I aim to lead you towards boat reviews and refer you to a variety of boat dealers and markets. There are too many ships for sale at any given moment to make this decision easy - but whether it will be a plain dinghy to a classic 49er, I hope that the following pages will be a good guide to the World of Boats.

Essentials: Basics of Boats

Choosing a Boat that Suits You: What to Keep in Mind

How to Transport a Dinghy to the Sea

How to Launch a Boat to the Sea

Which Yacht is that? Cruiser Classification

Which Boat is that? Dinghy Classification

Boat and Yacht Care, Maintenance and Repairs

General Maintenance Part I: Hull

General Maintenance Part II: Deck and Rigging

General Maintenance Part III: Interiors

How to Manage Running Maintenance Work

How to Polish a Yacht's Gelcoat

Hibernation for Boats: How to winterize your Yacht

The luxury bits: Teak care

How to Care for Brass Items

How to Strip a Boat before Painting

Yacht Insurance, Theft and Security Issues

How to Identify a Stolen Yacht on Sale

How to Protect your Boat from Theft

How go get Insurance for your Yacht

Reviews of Boats

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