Vacation: Cruise Package or tough Adventure?

With no doubt, sailing vacations are the most popular way of getting involved with offshore activities. More and more people chose to spend their holidays on board of sailing ships either on cruises with a professional crew or through sailing themselves.

The historic port of Rhodos (Greece) attracts sailors from all over the MediterraneanNo matter what type of adventure you choose there are many aspects of planning the tour before you make a definite decision. In this section of, I try to break up this complex topic into practical advice and information specific to all relevant regions.

The practical part includes advice for preparations as well as health and safety issues. The regions are divided into geographic areas, including the top-destinations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and off the coast of California. In addition, I tried to include also less popular areas. I hope that you will enjoy your journey no matter where it takes you.

General Considerations

Cruise Preparation: A Checklist
Visa and Legal Issues
Green Cruising: Think of the Environment
How to start Cruising by Charter

Health and Safety for Cruisers

Introduction to Modern Yacht Piracy
High-Risk Areas of Yacht Piracy
First Aid: Conscious Victim
First Aid: Unconscious Victim
Health and Safety
Introduction to Seasickness
How to treat Seasickness
The Worst of Cruise Diseases - Part I and Part II
Visual Distress Signals
Acoustic Distress Signals

Guide to Destinations by Region and Country

Mediterranean and Black Sea Region

North America: From Maine to California

Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

South and Central America

Southeast Asia and East Asia

Australia and Pacific Ocean Islands

Western Europe and North Atlantic

Northern Europe: Of Fjords and Jaghds

West Africa, Antarctica, South Atlantic

Indian Ocean and Red Sea

Theme Vacations

Yacht Charter in the Greek Islands - by Tony King
Introduction to Nude Sailing and Naturism
Mediterranean Delights: Sailing Croatia I and Part II
Mediterranean Delights: Sailing Italy I and Part II

The Very End

How to Abandon Ship

Further Reading

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