Australia and the Pacific Islands

Ever since James Cook sailed the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, this region is considered to be best explored by boat. However, most of the Pacific Region is very underdeveloped and remote. This keeps the cruise traffic relatively low. Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii are exceptions to this, as they have considerable native sailing communities in the country.

Empty beaches attract sailors to AustraliaAt most of the Pacific Islands, good ports are difficult to find. Sailors frequently encounter problems if they are in need for repairs or supply beyond the basics. In addition, the challenging weather situation in the area reduces its popularity.

The Pacific Islands are influenced by the monsoon from December until March. Storms are quite common and most sailors avoid the area during these months. At about 10 degrees South and anywhere further South than that, tropical cyclones can become very strong. Some countries even demand private yachts to leave the region during the cyclone season.

Every since Cook the ultimate cruise dream

The few well-constructed shelters and protective ports might be occupied very quickly. Again, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii are of course exceptions. But even some of the less developed Archipelago nations often have suitable facilities to stand the strongest storm. However, detailed planning is essential for cruises at any time of the year.

A dumped boat in New ZealandGenerally, the are is enchanting and exotic to most Western sailors. The remoteness of some islands is more pronounced than anywhere else in the World. This should also be taken into consideration when you build up your medical kit.

The Pacific is a region full of disparities countries in this region range from prosperous industrialized nations to very basic developing countries. Many destinations are suitable only for experienced cruisers, but not recommendable for sailors with special needs, elderly or children, whereas others will meet the expectations and needs of everybody.

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