Mediterranean and Black Sea Region

As the cradle of civilization and for our interests even more important of sailing, the Mediterranean is our personal favorite for longer, but not too challenging cruises. Europe combines great coast and natural beauty with awesome food and opportunities for cultural action. The diversity among the people settling by the Mediterranean makes the region exceptionally attractive.

Rovinj in Croatia, a top-destination for sailorsEvergreens for cruisers ever since the Trojan War are Greece as well as Italy, but also the French Rivera and Spain with its islands. Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia are politically sensitive much like other countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East but tempting for everybody with archaeological interests. Croatia is our personal darling and currently undergoing a renaissance especially among European sailors.

The excellent infrastructure in the European countries by the Mediterranean allow sailors with special needs a comfortable vacation elderly or disabled people will find accommodating facilities as much as families with children. Nude sailing is popular in Croatia, but this is probably as adventurous as it gets: the only drawback of the region might be the lack of challenges that determined sailors could sense.

The very best from Croatia to Greece

The main season for sailing runs from March to November; the Mediterranean climate is dominated by hot and dry summers and cool and very rainy winters. The season peaks around July and August. The climate is a lot harsher in the Black Sea; the summers are shorter and the sailing season is limited with respect to the Mediterranean. It goes from May to September.

A Sailboat in Rhodos, a greek islandThe region is generally neglected by Western sailors, but increasingly popular with Russians; for a good reason: many of the remote port towns of Bulgaria, Romania or Georgia bear hidden treasures that survived the decades of communist rule. Yachting facilities in these countries might be basic, be prepared for lower standards than what you can find in Western Europe.

However, places like Malta are mostly within reach and will provide you with extensive ports and repair services if needed. The same applies for the Spanish Palma de Mallorca; on both islands, English is commonly understood. Gibraltar and the Balearics are naturally popular with British sailors and expats ever since Trafalgar.

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