Pictures: Show us your Ship

Sailing is all about fun; abut adventure, about sharing excitement with others. There is hardly a more direct way of sharing this than through photos. canít give you the breeze of an afternoon offshore through the internet Ė but it definitely can show you the pictures from "out there" as an appetizer.

A Mediterranean Cruise: Pictures from Turkey


Peter Sommer is a British archaeologist, tour guide and experienced sailor. In this gallery, he displays some of the finest pictures he has taken during cruises to sites of archaeological interest in Mediterranean Turkey, which are among the finest in Europe. ::more

10 Questions to Sailing Photographers

In this new series, I interview sailing photographers and ask them about their work, their experiences and what to keep in mind when taking pictures at sea. We are starting with Dr. Bruce McDonald from Austin, Texas. ::more

The second article features David Preutz, who has 20 years of experience as a professional photographer. Working mostly in advertizing, he offers some great advice on how to shoot on sailing trips. ::more

The Big Picture: Guide to Sailing Photography

How can you get a good photo of your boat and crew? Light and other conditions are often very special offshore - it is good to know how to adapt your camera gear to tackle some problems. Here I give some advice on how to get good sailing pictures. ::more

Naval Paintings by J. M. W. Turner

Click here for our Joseph Turner Gallery Click here for our Joseph Turner Gallery Click here for our Joseph Turner Gallery

I collected pictures of sailing paintings by Joseph Mallord William Turner. The English painter is considered to be a pioneer of impressionism and one of the greatest artists working on naval scenes.

His style influenced our contemporary understanding of large sailing vessels of imperial Britain. Up to date, Turners work is among the most expressive when it comes to art appealing to sailors. I hope you enjoy my selection. ::more

10 Steps to Great Sailing Pictures

Did you think that there's no difference in taking pictures on land or offshore? Not quite right - but here is a practical guide to improving your sailing photography in 10 simple steps. ::more

Planned Galleries for the Future

I would like to present collections of pictures that show popular destinations and areas suitable for cruises. Currently, I am evaluating ways to get quality photography for these areas, so do come back later to see whether I can show you some views on the regions below:

Caribbean - California - Texas - Hawaii - Greece - Croatia - Florida - Bahamas