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Who we are

The website Sailingahead.com was designed by a group of spare-time sailors who share a passion for sailing and want to provide information on this topic to as many people as possible. “Spare-time sailors” means in particular Chris, the mastermind of this website, and Mark, who's in charge with the logistics…

Chris Roithmayr
Chris is Austrian currently living mostly in New Hampshire and the United Kingdom. Just as Mark, he is a biologist by training. Chris worked as a freelance journalist and photographer for a number of magazines mostly from Germany. Being a creative spirit, he enjoys web design and website development as much as writing articles and taking nice pictures to supplement them. He makes a living as an IT and SEO consultant. Sailingahead.com is a hobby of his, just like sailing itself – a passion his family has given on to him. At Sailingahead.com, Chris is in charge with the non-management stuff: mostly writing, coding and taking neat pictures.

Mark Tailor-Smith
Mark is the driving force behind this website. A marine biologist by training, he got started on sailing during his college days in Ohio. Having spent more time on boats than on campus, he eventually left for the real life and worked for pharmaceutical companies for a couple of years. In 1998, Mark started a company which he still leads as a CEO. For some years, he increasingly enjoys sailing again – but now with his wife and his two kids in New Hampshire. At Sailingahead.com, Mark is responsible for what he is best at: co-ordinating the efforts of other people, sorting out the administration and making sure things get done.

Assistant sailors
There are some people that assist Mark and Chris in creating and maintaining Sailingahead.com. The extensive tasks that go ahead with the establishment of a website are partly delegated to other people – their work is credited directly with the respective content. Here we would like to express our appreciation for their support and diligence – without your assistance, this website would have been impossible. Thank you!

Want to join?
We are always interested in getting up-to-date information on any aspect of sailing. This could be a trip report, photographs or gear reviews – whatever you might enjoy working on. Currently, this project is entirely volunteer-based and we can not offer you any financial compensation for your efforts. However, we will credit content from outside sources with the name and contact details of the author if wanted. For more information, just drop us a line!

What it is about

The content of Sailingahead.com provides information on sailing as a hobby and for recreational purposes. It contains a beginner’s guide to sailing, general information to the sailing, a glossary, reviews of boats and accessories. Other sections refer the users to external sources of information and aim to serve local communities of sailing enthusiasts. The second key topic of this website follows the idea of sailing as a theme for vacations and provides information on different suitable destinations.

Legal disclaimer

Our team has tried to make the information on Sailingahead.com as accurate as possible. However, we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. We recommend you to verify critical information such as visas, health and safety, customs and transportation with the relevant authorities before you travel.

We frequently review the content of pages that are part of our link directory and other external links; however, we have no influence on the design or content of linked sites. If sites are modified without our knowledge and offer illicit activities, we expressly deny any endorsement of or responsibility for the content of any such site. This applies to any links on our website Sailingahead.com, linked sites and links within a linked site.

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