South and Central America

South and Central America offer very diverse grounds for sailing: Popular and busy regions off the coast of Venezuela and essentially all Central American countries differ hugely from the often remote coast of Chile. There is little of native sailing culture and you will find most yachts near the Southern part of the continent will be from Europe and North America and on the way to somewhere else.

Argentina is a sailing destination too often neglectedThe limited port and repair facilities are most commonly found in big cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or along the coast of Venezuela. The busiest time of the year is the summer, when many cruisers from the Caribbean sail southwards to avoid the Hurricane season.

Supply and port facilities are very common in Central America, although sometimes bureaucracy and hassles with corrupt officials can reportedly spoil a stay. Unfortunately, this is also among the most scenic regions in all of Latin America.

Rising star Venezuela, classiness in Argentina

In terms of inland sailing, some yachts try to go into the rivers Amazon or Orinoco in Brazil. If you consider to sail in South America, keep in mind that anything South of Venezuela and North of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay can at times be very basic and far from Western standards.

Scenic fjords can be found in Chile and PatagoniaPrepare to be self-sufficient with respect to repairs, medical gear and supplies. This area can be a little adventurous, whereas all other parts of Latin America are suitable for sailors with all kinds of expertise. The hospitality of Latin American people and the diversity of their cultures make the region increasingly popular.

Especially Argentinaís tourism industry is developing rapidly, which includes yachting. Brazilís carnival attracts a fair number of cruisers every year. And many sailors stay for short stop-overs on the way to Antarctica or the South Atlantic Islands. Generally, the area is definitely a coming one and you should keep an eye on it.

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