Maritime Museums, historic ships and archives

Historic ships, ancient ports and lighthouses or the maritime heritage in your local village - in many parts of the world you can find people proudly preserving and presenting their ties with the oceans.

Many of the world's great maritime museums have nice websites. Here I show a collection of links that I enjoyed and that might serve you as a guidance cue when it comes to planning your next trip to the coast.

Maritime Museums in other countries
The Ålands sjöfartsmuseum in Finland
The Australian National Maritime Museum, a great website
The bilingual website of the Dutch National Museum of Dredging at Sliedrecht in the Netherlands
Mossel Bay Maritime Museum in South Africa
Bilingual Website on the Batavia werf Museum, Netherlands
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Bodrum, Turkey
Deutsches Museum fuer Schifffahrt in Munich, Germany
Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven, Germany
The Estonian State Maritime Museum (Meremuuseum)
Fisheries and Naval Museum in Esbjerg, Denmark
Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum in Victoria, Australia
Handels- og Søfartsmuseet på Kronborg in Helsing, Denmark
Kilens Skeppsbyggnadsmuseum in Ostrobothnia, Finland
Portugal War Navy Museum in Lisbon, Portugal
Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona, Sweden
Maritime Museum of Townsville in Australia
The Musée de la Mer on the Magdalene Islands
Musée national de la Marine in Paris, France
Museu de Marinha in Lisbon, Portugal
Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Spain
The Naval Museum of Thera in Santorini, Greece
The Norsk Sjofartsmuseum in Oslo, Norway
Port Albert Maritime Museum in Port Albert, Australia
The steam port of Echuca, Australia
The Queensland Maritime Museum in South Brisbane, Australia
The Scheepvartsmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The South Australian Maritime Museum, Port Adelaide, Australia
Stavanger Sjøfartsmuseum in Stavanger, Norway
Svensk dykerihistorisk förening in Stockholm, Sweden
Untzi Museoa - Museo Naval in San Sebastian, Spain
The Vasa Museet in Stockholm, Sweden


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