Sailing Associations and Organisations

Sailing associations and national or international organisations of sailors are great sources of information about sailing, yachting and boating in your local area or in an international context. The following collection of links will point you towards websites of associations that might be of use to you. There's another page dedicated to owner associations that target enthusiasts for particular types of sailboats.

Many of them know a great deal about international regulations, races and current affairs in the world of regattas and competitive sailing. Others will offer you access to a large pool of experienced members, which many beginners will find helpful. If you know of any links you would like to see included, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Sailing, Boating and Yacht Associations
Amateur Yacht Research Society
Canada Power and Sail Squadrons
Canadian Yachting Association
Finish Sailing Association - Suomen Purjehtijaliitto ry Finlands Seglarförbund rf
Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten - German old ship association
The Italian Associazione Vela al Terzo di Venezia
Master Mariners Benevolent Association
The Pelagic Sailing Club
The Cruising Association
World Cruising Club
Polaris Sailing Society
Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association
Fahrtensegelkreis Biggesee, Germany
International Sailing Federation
Manchester Cruising Association
Hong Kong Yachting Association
Icelandic Sailing Association
Long Beach Singles Sailing Association
West Highlands and Islands Sailing Club
Ocean Cruising Club
Weymouth and Portland Cruising Association
United States Sailing Association
Royal Yachting Association
Northwest Venturers Yacht Club
The Gay Sailing and Cruising Association UK
Sailing Association of Sweden
International Association of Cape Horners - for those that have rounded Cape Horn under sail
Clyde Cruising Club
The Traditional Small Craft Association
The United States Power Squadrons
The Sailing Club
Seven Seas Cruising Association
Single-handed Sailing Society
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
United States Naval Sailing Association
Association of Scottish Yacht Charters
Association of Sea Training Organisations


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