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I started the link directory on with a couple of websites I found entertaining, informative or worth being noticed for other reasons. Over time, I included more and more links and I had to add sub-sections, which pushed the original links to the bottom.

Since they don't deserve to be neglected, I decided to create a subsection especially for these links. They were the seed of the directory! I hope you find them useful, this sub-page is closed for further entries; however, if you think that there is a link that just has to be included, feel free to tell me about it!

Marine Maps and References
Reference Maps from the CIA Factbook
Marine Map of NOAA
An extensive collection of references and marine maps
Marine map of the New Zealand area

Sailing Photography
Onne van der Wal
A professional photographer of sailing events
Daniel Forster, another sailing photographer
Jens Fischer photography
Photography by Sharon Green
Photography from Kos in Greece
Yachting Photo Galleries

Sailing Knots
Sailing knots with excellent illustrations
Gallery of sailing knots
Four useful sailing knots

On the Global Positioning System GPS
Wikipedia on GPS
GPS related products
Brief review on GPS with a lot of ads
Knot animations and more

General Information
UK Sail Cruising Directory
Yachting and boating
International Sailing Federation
National Governing Body of Sailing in the US
Experts answering questions on sailing
International Maritime Organization
Sail simulator
General information, forums, shop
Where the status quo blows...
American Sailing Association on the topic
Wikipedia on sailing
The Daily Sail
Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
Nautical terms in different languages

Sailing with a theme
Sailing with disabilities
International Sailing Association's info for disabled people
Mobility Cup for sailors with disabilities
Nautical Naturist Homepage
Nude Sailing
Another nudists' page for naked sailing
Sailing holidays for seniors
Senior's sailing on large ships
Cruises for seniors
Drawing ships rather than sailing them

History of Sailing
Wikipedia on Shipbuilding
Directory of Maritime Museums of North America
List of historic boats and ships
Evolution of the Sextant
The MIT sailing pavilion.

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