Sailboat Repair and Maintenance

You did your best to hibernate your sailboat and then next spring you discover all the scratches in the paint, cracks in the wood and holes in the sail. Sounds familiar? Off we go to fix the mess. In order to find the resources you need when it comes to repairing or maintaining your beloved boat, I put together some links that you might find useful.

As with all commercially interesting topics, there are thousands of websites out there and no way to put together anything like a complete directory. Especially when it comes to local stuff, this page will quickly come to its limits. However, I hope that you will find the following information useful.

Paint, Varnish and Antifouling Products
Cooper's Antifouling
Coppercoat promises 10 years of antifouling effects
Boat paint and varnish online
Flag marine paints and solvent based varnish products
International Yachtpaint
West System Epoxy Products
Pedro's Yacht Refinishing
Proscraper Marine Tools and Yacht Accessories
Seajet Paint
Teamac Marine Coatings

Sailboat Repair Services
Baltic Wharf Boatyard
Sailboat Restoration
Dinghy and general Sailboat Repair
Coates Marine - spars and rigging service
Sidsports Sailboat Repair
Falmouth boat construction and repairs
Boatdocs sailing vessel repair
Gelplane International Osmosis Treatments
Moonlight Marine Sailboat Repairs
Guck Custom Boat Repair and Maintenance
Hayling Yacht osmosis treatments
Seasurveys repairs and refurbishments
Sailboat Rigging and Repair
Fibreglass repairs at Vancouver Boat Repair
Osmotech Yacht repair and restoration

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