Austrian Christmas Cookies:
Rumkugeln - Rum Balls


200 g icing sugar
some vanilla
200 g of grated nuts
200 g of grated, dark chocolate
2 yolks
grated coconut
rum (of course)

What Rumkugeln are

With rum being widely used in Austrian cuisine, it naturally has to feature in a variety of Christmas cookies. In this case, it is the dominant impression. The mix of chocolate, rum and coconut blends in to a taste not necessarily associated with Christmas - but a Christmas with no Rumkugeln is no option.

How to prepare Rumkugeln

It doesn′t get much easier than this: Mix all the ingredients apart from the coconut flakes and make a smooth dough. Form small balls from this and dip them al around in the coconut flakes. Looks nice, tastes even nicer.

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