Austrian Christmas Cookies: Hamburger Schnitten


200 g butter
120 g icing sugar
some vanilla
1 egg
300 g flour
60 g grated almonds

6 egg whites
200 g sugar
some vanilla
1 piece of dark chocolate
140 g of grated walnuts and hazelnuts
a bit of red currant jam

What Hamburger Schnitten are

"Hamburger" might be a bit misleading - it refers to the German city of Hamburg, but I am not aware of any direct link of this totally vegetarian Christmas cookie with the hanseatic city. It is a classic cookie with a pie-like base, nut topping (works best with a blend of walnuts and hazelnuts) and a sour dash of red current jam.

How to prepare Hamburger Schnitten

Base: Mix the butter with the icing sugar and vanilla until foamy, then add the yolk. Sieve in the flour and grated nuts and cool the dough. Spread it thinly on a baking sheet and bake it briefly.

Topping: Mix all ingredients for the topping and spread it on the pre-baked base. Bake again for 25 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. Finally, cut the individual cookies.

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