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Baroque buildings like here in Ried can be found in almost every town and city of Austria

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Travelling in Austria is generally easy - public transport is good, so are the roads and the tourism infrastructure in the country ranks among the World's best. However, some pieces of information can be very useful for planning a trip - below you find articles in which I have covered practical advice and background information on Austria.

Climate, Weather, When to Go
Money, Currency & Saving Travel Cash
How to get VAT (value added tax) reimbursed
A Guide to the German Language
Crappiest Places of Austria
Practical Hints on How to Save Money
Quick Facts about Austria
Visa & Legal Regulations
Webcams in Austria: Live Images
Tourist Traps: Things NOT to do in Austria
Transportation to, from & in Austria
Public Holidays in Austria
Travel Guide Books to Austria
Currency Exchange Tool
Finding a Hotel in Austria
Avoiding Fake Hotel Reviews
Physical Geography of Austria
The Danube (Donau) in Austria
Nature & Environmental Issues in Austria
Flora & Fauna of Austria
A Ranking of Austria's Highest Mountains

On Austrian Culture & Society

Media, Communication & Internet in Austria
Bad Habits of Austrians
Prostitution, Nudity & SEX
Unique about Austria: What Foreigners Notice
Etiquette in Austria
List of Embassies in Vienna
Richest People of Austria
Real Estate Owners in Austria
Biggest Companies of Austria
Anti-Semitism in Austria Spa Towns - Part I & Part II
Gambling in Austria: Casinos, Slot Machines, Roulette
"Little Gambling": Legal Private Casinos in Austria
Perchta: Alpine Pagan Traditions
What I Like & Dislike about Austria
Austria, how are you? Culture & Lifestyle
Traditional Clothing: Austrian Tracht - Part I & Part II
Traditional Clothing: Dirndl Dress
Traditional Clothing: Lederhosen
15 Reasons to Hate "The Sound of Music"
Codes of Austrian Car-Plates
Politics & Administration of Austria
Administrative Division: Austria's Districts
Vienna versus Irony: Viennese Sense of Humour
The Austrian School of Economics
The "Wiener Kreis" or Vienna Circle
Freedom Party Success: Are Austrians eternal Nazis?
German Nationalism since 1848 & Freedom Party 1949 to 1986
1986 to 1999: Freedom Party's Rise under Jörg Haider
2006 to 2008: Freedom Party vs. BZÖ
Success Analysis, Levels 1 & 2:
Individuals (Jörg Haider) & Society (End of Ideologies)
Success Analysis, Level 3: Systemic Causes
Success Analysis, Level 4: Domestic Causes (Austrian Post-War Politics & Society)
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part II
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part III
Traditions & Customs: January to April
Traditions & Customs: May to October
Traditions & Customs: November to December

On Fine Arts & Intellectual Traditions of Austria

Wiener Sezession School of Painting
Gustav Klimt & The Wiener Sezession
Egon Schiele & Oskar Kokoschka
Adolf Loos & Modern Architecture
Wiener Aktionismus / Vienna Actionism
Wiener Moderne / Vienna Modernism
The Austrian School of Economics
The "Wiener Kreis" or Vienna Circle
Introduction to Austrian Baroque
Lukas von Hildebrandt & Baroque Architecture
Fischer von Erlach & Baroque Architecture
Vienna School of Phantastic Realism

On Austria's Musical Legacy

The Viennese Classic: Wiener Klassik
Classical Composers: Joseph Haydn
Classical Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Classical Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven
Viennese Classic, Romanticism and Austria
Arnold Schoenberg & the "Second Vienna School": Part I & II
Music Universities of Austria
Best of Fest: Austrian Music Festivals
An Introduction to Vienna Waltz
A Guide to the Musician's Flats in Vienna

Experience Austria through Literature

Introduction & Background: Middle Ages to 18th century
Proper Austrian Literature begins: 19th century mainstream
Symbolism, Impressionism, Expressionism: Anti-naturalism
Written Words between WWI & WWII
Literature under Nazi Rule & Post-War writing
Beyond the Nazi-trauma: Recent & contemporary writers

Reading Austria: Which Books to Choose for Travelling

A Detailed History of Austria

The following articles are an extensive and detailed record of Austrian history from pre-historic events until recent elections and life in Austria today. Aims to be a good introduction to the country and a red line to follow when you explore its historical sites.

The History of Austria - In great Detail

Prehistoric days; Neolithic, Copper, Bronze & Iron Age
Hallstatt & Latene Culture; Noricum; Roman Rule
Migration of Bavarian & Slavonic tribes, early Middle Ages
County and Duchy Austria, Babenberger rule (967-1245)
Interregnum, Habsburg rise, Middle Ages and German Emperor
Territorial gains through marriage, Habsburgs rule the World
Reformation and 30 Years' War; Turkish sieges and wars
Baroque; French Revolution, Napoleon & Vienna Congress
Revolution 1848; Austria-Hungary; culture & science 1900
World War I, split of an Empire, Austria become republic
Political struggles & crisis, Austro-Fascism & Anschluss 1938
World War II, Holocaust, a decade of occupation until 1955
Neutrality, social politics & governments since 1970

More on Austrian History

A Short History of Austria in less than 1000 words
A Jewish History of Austria: Part I & Part II
A Complete List of all Austrian Monarchs
A Complete List of all Austrian Presidents & Chancellors
A Complete List of all Prince Archbishops of Salzburg
A Complete List of all the Mayors of Vienna