History of Austria

This page gives an overview on those aticles on TourMyCountry.com that are concerned with the history of Austria. In addition to general ones, there are also some articles with specialist topics or regional scope.

A Detailed History of Austria - in 13 Parts

Prehistoric days; Neolithic, Copper, Bronze & Iron Age
Hallstatt & Latene Culture; Noricum; Roman Rule
Migration of Bavarian & Slavonic tribes, early Middle Ages
County and Duchy Austria, Babenberger rule (967-1245)
Interregnum, Habsburg rise, Middle Ages and German Emperor
Territorial gains through marriage, Habsburgs rule the World
Reformation and 30 Years' War; Turkish sieges and wars
Baroque; French Revolution, Napoleon & Vienna Congress
Revolution 1848; Austria-Hungary; culture & science 1900
World War I, split of an Empire, Austria become republic
Political struggles & crisis, Austro-Fascism & Anschluss 1938
World War II, Holocaust, a decade of occupation until 1955
Neutrality, social politics & governments since 1970

More on Austrian History: Specialist Articles

A Short History of Austria in less than 1000 words
A Jewish History of Austria: Part I & Part II
A Complete List of all Austrian Monarchs
A Complete List of all Austrian Presidents & Chancellors
A Complete List of all Prince Archbishops of Salzburg
A Complete List of all the Mayors of Vienna

Habsburg Galicia, Unis & the Rise of Nationalism: 1772 to 1914

Introduction: Habsburg Heritage in Galicia
Galicia in the 18th century - Part 2
Galicia and the Division of Poland - Part 3
Austrian Colonisation of 18th century Galicia - Part 4
Austrian Galicia 1848 to 1914: Franz Joseph I - Part 5
Nationalism in Habsburg Austrian Galicia 1846 to 1914 - Part 6
University of Lviv (Lemberg) - Part 7
Technical University Lviv (Lemberg) - Part 8
University of Krakow - Part 9
Nationalism in Polish Austria - Part 10
Polish-Ruthenian Rivalry in Austrian Galicia - Part 11
Polish Ruthenian Conflicts in Austrian Galicia - Part 12
Conclusions: Austrian Galicia & Nationalism 1772 to 1914 - Part 13
Conclusions, Part II: Austrian Galicia until 1914 - Part 14
Studentenverbindung, Burschenschaft & Fraternities: Lviv & Krakow - Part 15

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