Activities: What to Do in Austria

Hiking, sailing, swimming, mountain biking - the Alps are Europe's biggest leisure park

Things to do in Austria change over the course of a year - there's festival seasons, annually practiced traditions and holidays you might want to consider for your travel plans. You also might want to learn about "Austria" activities beyond hiking and skiing. Spas, theme travel and important dates for events - that's what this section of is for.

Skiing & More Skiing: It's Austria, after all

Since many of Austria's international visitors come for the simple purpose of skiing, skiing and more skiing, a decent number of articles providing information about Austria′s national sport is a must for This one is the core of them...more

Further Skiing Information

Hannes Schneider - Toni Sailer - Karl Schranz - Franz Klammer - Hermann Maier - Summer Skiing on Glaciers - Winter Sports beyond Skiing - Ski Amade: Austria's biggest Skiing Area - Underrated Ski Resorts of Austria

Skiing Areas by Province: Vorarlberg - Tyrol - Salzburg - Upper Austria - Lower Austria & Vienna - Carinthia - Styria

Austrian Activities for Warmer Seasons

Golf - List of Austrian Golf Courses - Hunting - Fishing - Windsurfing & Sailing - Hiking - Gear Checklist for Hiking Trips - Watching Sport Events - Swimming in Austria's Many Lakes - Theme Parks - Pilgrimages: Hiking with a Purpose

Shopping in Austria: Things to Buy

As with every country that faces ten thousands of tourists flocking in every year, Austria has a high density of souvenir shops...more: Part I - Part II - Part III

Traditions & Customs in the Annual Cycle

Think of Austria, and - at least as a foreigner - you will think of Lederhosen, traditional Dirndl dress and the Alps. Today′s tourism Mafia has done little to change this thinking, and so the international image of Austria is a rather romantic one. However, there are plenty of "authentic" customs still followed by the Austrians - here you can read which ones are worthwhile to follow up.

Traditions & Customs: January to April
Traditions & Customs: May to October
Traditions & Customs: November & December
Featured Article: Perchta - See Austria's Pagan Heritage

Festivals & Events By Province

Vorarlberg - Tyrol (Tirol) - Salzburg - Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) - Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) - Vienna - Carinthia (Kärnten) - Styria - Burgenland

Best of Fest: Austrian Music Festivals

Austria has a reputation for Classic Music ("Wiener Klassik") starting most notably with Mozart and continuing until Mahler. Most people are aware of this and consider Austria to be a very musical place - but few know which festivals and events are the big ones of top-quality...more

Thermen, Hot Springs & Spas of Austria

On a cold and grim winter day, if you live in the mountains and there is snow all over the place, it comes in handy to live in a country that has hot springs. Read more on the thermal spas of Austria and see my list of Austrian medical springs.

Balls of Austria: Waltzing in Vienna

Austria's National Ball: Vienna Opera Ball - Dancing Viennese Waltz - Guide to Austrian Balls & Redoutes

Further Reading

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