Dining & Austrian Cuisine: Food of Austria

Salzburger Nockerl, among the most famous of Austria's wide array of desserts, tarts and sweets

"Austrian Cuisine": The "Wiener Küche" (Viennese Cuisine)

Whenever I travel, I spend significant amounts of time and money on eating. I hope that this applies to you as well, since Austria has plenty to offer for gourmet tourists. Here I try to give an introduction to where Austrian or Viennese cuisine is coming from and what it is about...more

Regional Austrian Food

There are many styles and dishes that are typical for a particular region of Austria. Based on the provinces, this article now shows some of the local highlights going from West to East...more

Lost Recipes of the Habsburg Empire

The loss of 19th century recipes is a bloody shame and I am always delighted to find facsimiles and reprints of old Austrian cook books. One thing that strikes you immediately is the strong influence of Hungarian and Slavonic traditions...more

Austrian Drinks: Part I & Part II

What drink goes best with this meal? Don′t be afraid to ask this question to a waiter, they should know what to recommend. Nonetheless, it is always good to know what a country is particularly good at when it comes to drinks. Here I try to give a short outline of legendary liquids with Austrian roots and tell you which ones you should try...more

Austrian Desserts: Part I & Part II

Kaiserschmarrn is only the most famous one - yet, the sweet side of Austria has many charming faces and it is up to you to meet them...more

Austrian Wine: What you need to know about it

If you decide to tour Austria off the beaten track, it is probably a good idea to find yourself something like a theme for you trip. Literature is a good one if you like to read; architecture is good or more specifically, baroque architecture. Or how about wine as a theme? The vineyards of the East date back to Celtic times and have shaped landscape, culture and cuisine of several regions...more

Austrian Snacks & Fast-food

Lunch is traditionally the main meal of the day and most people have only smaller meals for dinner (light meals, sandwiches, essentially things you would have for lunch in the Anglo-American sphere). Snacks and fast food are common (like in all countries) and often regionally distinct...more

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil is with no doubt the most legendary and precious product made from the giant vegetable. The very dark, greenish oil has a distinct flavour: A bit nutty, but unlike any other oil...more

Coffee: More than a Beverage to Austrians

Among the things Austria is famous for are the coffee houses or "Cafes" and the nationally typical atmosphere: Elderly ladies drinking their "Melange" with obese dogs on their laps, grumpy waiters in dinner jackets, the occasional Hungarian fiddler and the odd journalist sitting in a corner.

See also: Guide to Viennese Cafes Part I & Part II

Micro-Breweries in Vienna

Life-saving for a Salzburgian in Vienna like myself, Vienna's microbreweries are much more than just bearable - some are even excellent...more

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Vienna

The third exception regarding reviews - this article will lead you to some of Vienna's best vegetarian and vegan food places...more

Austria versus Tea

Learn in this article why teaficionados (such as my humble self) are well-advised to bring their own teabags to Austria...more

Do-it-Yourself: Austrian Recipes

For this part of the dining section, I have collected a set of traditional Austrian recipes that I use myself. In some instances, I had to change the ingredients slightly in order to accommodate foreign supermarket offerings. However, I tried to keep them as authentic as possible and hope they work well abroad - and that you have a lot of fun going Austrian in your kitchen from starters to the legendary Austrian desserts such as Kaiserschmarrn!

Converting Measures: US versus Metric Tables - Cooking Measures Conversion Tool

Starters: Knoblauchcreme Soup - Wiener Suppentopf - Kürbiscreme Soup - Tomato Soup

Main Courses & Sides: Beuschl - Wiener Schnitzel - Kaspressknödel - Hasenpfeffer Venison - Goulash - Tiroler Knödel - Erdäpfellaibchen - Schwammerlgoulash - Potato Salad - Tafelspitz

Desserts & Sweet Meals: Kaiserschmarrn - Topfenpalatschinken pancakes - Topfengrießknödel - Potato dough for Mohn- and Nussnudeln - Pofesen - Apple Strudel - Topfenschmarrn - Topfenstrudel - Wuchteln - Germknödel - Reisauflauf - Salzburger Nockerl

Bread & Snacks: Bread base - Liptauer cheese - Erdäpfelkas - Obatzter

Cakes & Tarts: Altwiener Topfentorte - Biscuit Dough - Brandteigkrapferl - Marmorgugelhupf - Linzertorte - Malakowtorte - Metternichtorte - Sachertorte - Zwetschkenkuchen - Faschingskrapfen - Dobostorte - Esterhazytorte

Christmas Cookies: Hamburger Schnitten - Haselnuss Makronen - Ploberger Schnitten - Lebkuchen - Mürbe Doppelte - Früchtelebkuchen - Rumkugeln - Vanillekipferl - Kokosbusserl