Austrian Cakes & Tarts: Malakowtorte


150 g of butter
100 g of sugar
100 g of grated almonds
4 yolks
125 mL of cream
1 shot of cognac or rum
biscotti (dried pieces of biscuit dough)
1 tablespoon of orange juice
6 additional tablespoons of cognac or rum
250 mL of cream
1 row of dark chocolate

What it Malakowtorte is

The name "Malakow" generally refers to sweet meals that use "Biskotten" (dried pieces of biscuit cake) that are dipped into a mix of rum (or cognac). Its origin dates back to Imperial days and I promise to look up who Mr or Ms Malakow was - presumably somebody noble from the 18th or 19th century. It is not dissimilar to the Italian tiramisu in terms of texture and flavour.

How to prepare Malakowtorte

Mix butter, sugar and yolks until foamy. Then add the almonds and stir in the cream and cognac or rum spoon by spoon. Cover the base of your tart shape with Biskotten and sprinkle orange juice and cognac over them. Then add a layer of the cream and another one of Biskotten. Repeat this until the shape is full. The last layer should be formed by Biskotten. Then add a weight on the tart and cool it over night in a fridge. Remove it, take it our of the shape and coat it with whipped cream. Finally, cover it with grated, dark chocolate.

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