Austrian Desserts: Potato dough for Mohn- or Nussnudeln (kind of gnocchi)

Ingredients (4 people)

500 g potatoes
150 g flour
30 g butter
1 egg
a pitch of salt
3 tablespoons of semolina

What Austrian Potato dough is

The potato dough base that I give here is a recipe with many variations in Austria. It gives rise to sweet fruit dumplings and gnocchi-like thingies serves with poppy seeds or grounded nuts. It is a hassle to make for dessert, but most Austrians serve it traditionally as a main course anyway. I have to admit that I have a somewhat shady approach to potato dough based meals: Since most ingredients can be quite easily dried, I tend to buy packs of instant dough in Austria that you prepare with water and egg much faster than the proper way. For traditionalists, follow the recipe.

How to prepare Austrian Potato dough

The dough itself: Peel and boil the potatoes and mash them. Mix the mash with all other ingredients to a smooth dough. Use it either as a base for fruit dumplings (take, say, one apricot, wrap dough around it and boil it in salty water for some 10 to 15 minutes). Or move on to the Nudel-section below.

Mohn- or Nussnudeln: Roll the dough into strings of about 1 to 1.5 centimetres diameter. Cut it into pieces of about 3 centimetres with a wet knife. Take these little sausage-like objects and put them into boiling, salty water. Boil them for about 10 minutes until they swim on the surface, take care not to boil them to death. In the meantime, mix poppy seeds with icing sugar or grind and roast nuts (walnut or hazelnut are good ones, but I also got good results with roasted almonds). Take the Nudeln from the water and wield them in butter. Add either the poppy seed and sugar mix or the roasted nuts. In either case, add icing sugar according to your preferences and serve hot with jam or chutneys.

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