Austrian Cakes & Tarts: Brandteigkrapferl


125 mL water (or milk)
100 g butter
120 g flour
3 to 4 eggs
1 pitch of salt
1 more egg

475 mL of milk
3 eggs
120 g of sugar
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon of starch (corn or potato)

What Brandteigkrapferl are

Brandteig dough is used in Austria for both sweet and savoury meals. Savoury pastries from this dough can be served in soup, whereas sweet ones are usually filled with whipped cream, fruits or custard. The recipe given here gives you the base that you can vary and supplement according to your preferences. It is a bit of a pain to make it and a lot of work, but you can easily make a vast amount of Brandteigkrapferl and freeze them in portions.

How to prepare Brandteigkrapferl

Boil the water (or milk) with the butter, add the flour and stir until the dough starts to run off the spoon (until it is properly smooth). Take it off the stove, add sugar and salt and stir in one egg after another (it is important to stir the dough after every egg until it is perfectly homogenous).

Cool it a bit and then put the dough into the fridge for at least one hour. Then take a teaspoon and put small portions of dough on a baking sheet. Put some stirred egg on the Krapfen with a brush for a nicer colour. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake the Krapfen until they are golden-brown. Take them out of the oven and cool them. Now you can use them for clear soup or cut them into halves and fill them.

For the traditional (sweet) filling, Mix the cold milk with yolks, half the sugar, vanilla sugar and starch. Boil this mix and cool it down again (stir occasionally while chilling). Whip the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff and mix it with the other filling. A much simpler filling would be whipped cream with sugar and fruits of the season.

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