Culture, Society & Politics of Austria

This page links to articles on culture, society and poltics of Austria. Note that this section does not include articles on Austrian music, literature and fine arts. For articles on these subjects, please see the section on "Art, Music & Literature".

On Austrian Culture & Society

Media, Communication & Internet in Austria
Bad Habits of Austrians
Prostitution, Nudity & SEX
Unique about Austria: What Foreigners Notice
Austrian Society & Culture as Viewed by Ex-Pats
Etiquette in Austria
Richest People of Austria
Real Estate Owners in Austria
Biggest Companies of Austria
Gambling in Austria: Casinos, Slot Machines, Roulette
"Little Gambling": Legal Private Casinos in Austria
What I Like & Dislike about Austria
Austria, how are you? Culture & Lifestyle
15 Reasons to Hate "The Sound of Music"
Vienna versus Irony: Viennese Sense of Humour
The Austrian School of Economics
The "Wiener Kreis" or Vienna Circle

Traditions, Customs & Folk Culture

Traditions & Customs: January to April
Traditions & Customs: May to October
Traditions & Customs: November to December

Traditional Clothing: Austrian Tracht - Part I & Part II
Traditional Clothing: Dirndl Dress
Traditional Clothing: Lederhosen
Perchta: Alpine Pagan Traditions

1.) Studentenverbindungen: What they are & why
2.) History of Fraternities at European Universities
3.) Napoleonic Wars, Verbindungen & Nationalism
4.) Late 19th c: Golden Age of Verbindungen

Austrian Politics & Administration

Politics & Administration of Austria
Administrative Division: Austria's Districts

Austria, Jörg Haider & the Success of the Freedom Party
Freedom Party Success: Are Austrians eternal Nazis?
German Nationalism since 1848 & Freedom Party 1949 to 1986
1986 to 1999: Freedom Party's Rise under Jörg Haider
2006 to 2008: Freedom Party vs. BZÖ
Success Analysis, Levels 1 & 2:
Individuals (Jörg Haider) & Society (End of Ideologies)
Success Analysis, Level 3: Systemic Causes
Success Analysis, Level 4: Domestic Causes (Austrian Post-War Politics & Society)
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part II
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part III

List of Embassies in Vienna
Anti-Semitism in Austria Spa Towns - Part I & Part II
Codes of Austrian Car-Plates
A Complete List of all Austrian Monarchs
A Complete List of all Austrian Presidents & Chancellors
A Complete List of all Prince Archbishops of Salzburg
A Complete List of all the Mayors of Vienna
A Complete List of all the Bishops of Vienna


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