Cruising to Bermuda Island


Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Tourism to the island to escape North American winters first developed in Victorian times. Tourism continues to be important to the island's economy, although international business has overtaken it in recent years.

Bermuda has developed into a highly successful offshore financial center. Although a referendum on independence from the UK was soundly defeated in 1995, the present government has reopened debate on the issue.


Location: North America, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (US)
Geographic coordinates: 32 20 N, 64 45 W
Map references: North America
Area: total: 53.3 sq km


103 km

Maritime claims

Territorial sea: 12 nm
Exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm


Subtropical; mild, humid; gales, strong winds common in winter


Low hills separated by fertile depressions

Elevation extremes

Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
Highest point: Town Hill 76 m


Bermuda enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, nearly equal to that of the US. Its economy is primarily based on providing financial services for international business and luxury facilities for tourists. A number of reinsurance companies relocated to the island following 11 September 2001 and again after Hurricane Katrina, contributing to the expansion of an already robust international business sector.

Bermuda's tourism industry - which derives over 80% of its visitors from the US - continues to struggle but remains the island's number two industry. Most capital equipment and food must be imported. Bermuda's industrial sector is small, although construction continues to be important; the average cost of a house in June 2003 had risen to $976,000. Agriculture is limited with only 20% of the land being arable.


Airports: 1 (2005)
Airports - with paved runways: total: 1
Roadways: total: 447 km

Merchant marine

Total: 118 ships (1000 GRT or over) 6,752,122 GRT/7,464,181 DWT
By type: bulk carrier 25, cargo 2, container 25, liquefied gas 17, passenger 16, passenger/cargo 6, petroleum tanker 10, refrigerated cargo 11, roll on/roll off 6
Foreign-owned: 101 (Australia 2, Canada 21, Finland 2, France 1, Germany 1, Greece 1, Hong Kong 6, Indonesia 1, Ireland 1, Israel 1, Netherlands 1, Nigeria 10, Norway 6, Sweden 12, Switzerland 1, UK 8, US 26)
Registered in other countries: 9 (Cayman Islands 2, Liberia 1, Marshall Islands 4, Panama 2) (2005)

Sailing Specifics: Ports and terminals

Hamilton, Saint George

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