Financing a sailing holiday

While it’s true that if you want to sail a J-class super yacht in the Med for the week you’ll certainly pay for it, sailing holidays don’t have to cost the earth. There are sailing holiday options open to all budgets and here we take a look at the options and help you find a trip that you can afford.

The price of a sailing holiday is dependant on three main factors – the destination you choose, the size of the boat you hire, and the number of skippers and crewmembers skills you need aboard with you.

The destination and time of year that you book can make a huge difference to your sailing trip costs. The Med or the Caribbean in the height of summer is understandably going to be more expensive than at other times of year. If your travel schedule is flexible, try to book outwith the peak summer months.

Areas that are in high demand will cost you more too. So if you want to make savings, think outside the box when it comes to picking your destination. Recent years have seen a growing number of affordable package deals to Turkeys for example, where you pay for your flights, week’s sailing and accommodation in one lump sum.

As a general rule, the smaller the vessel you choose, the less you will pay. A great way to enjoy a more luxurious boat is to team up with friends or relatives for a joint holiday. This way the costs of hire can be split between more people, making it more affordable for all.

Costs will rise if you need the services of a skipper and crewmembers. If you have no previous sailing experience, then this is essential. However, if you do have sailing experience, at least to RYA day-skipper level and have a minimum of one other person willing and able to act as competent crew, then you could ‘bareboat’ a yacht instead. So long as you have proven sailing experience, you can agree to charter a boat without crew, and this can be a good deal cheaper.

If you are a regular sailor, then it could pay you to get into the habit of saving regularly throughout the year, rather than having to make one large payment each year that could stretch your finances. Choose a savings account that pays as high a rate of interest as possible. Comparison sites can be useful here, making it easier to compare rates. Searching online has further advantages in that larger banks such as Santander tend to offer their best rates on the online savings accounts too.