Vienna in March ("März")

Vienna is a diverse and colourful place full of life; there are different things to see, places to go and stuff to do in different times of the year. In this set of articles, I will highlight the best seasonal events of each month. March marks the onset of spring and especially in the mild climate of Eastern Austria, Vienna develops its springtime charms towards the end of the month. Few tourists make it to Vienna during March, but those who do can find a city unspoilt by the vast crowds of tourists you might find in summer.

Weather in Vienna in March

With the mild influence of the Pannonian climate, temperatures start increasing in Vienna during March. The capital is milder than almost the entire rest of the country, but still rather chilly: The average maximum temperature reaches 9 degrees Celsius, but the minimum temperature is still at a mere single degree. Bring warm clothes, but not necessarily a winter coat. Hats and gloves are still recommendable in windy Vienna, though. On the average day, expect some four hours of sunshine. Vienna has 7 days with rain over the course of March.

Things to See & Do in Vienna: March

The ice-rink in front of the Rathaus City Hall closes, but there are other seasonal things to do in Vienna in March. Easter is celebrated (depending on the year, sometimes in April - I will cover Easter-related celebrations in short for March, though). Compared to Christmas, the religious component is still much stronger in Easter, as it lacks the consumerist aspect. Traditional customs and events are covered in my article on "Traditions & Customs of Austria", since they have a more national rather than Viennese scope.

If you happen to be in Vienna around Easter, don′t miss out on an "Osterbock" beer, a traditional beer speciality that is very rich in alcohol. Historically, Osterbock would be made by monks who had to fast during lent and had to compensate the lack of nutrients with the energy-rich beer. Today, most Austrians use Red Bull for that purpose, but Osterbock is still being made. Best enjoyed in one of the Viennese microbreweries. Concert venues often celebrate Easter with special performances; details can be requested at ticket booking services or the tourist information centre of Vienna.

Things to Do & See in Vienna′s Surroundings: March

In March, the surroundings of Vienna become more bearable again after the winter. In years in which Easter is in March, all sorts of customs associated with this occasion will be performed, most vividly in smaller towns and villages. Most of these customs have a religious scope and are not a tourist attraction in any sense of the word; apart from walks through the vineyards around Vienna, I therefore don′t have any season-specific recommendations for the surroundings in March. Stick with Vienna or go straight to places in Austria where you can still ski or where you got culture (ie. anywhere except Lower Austria). Or go to a thermal spa.

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