Vienna in April

Vienna is a diverse and colourful place full of life; there are different things to see, places to go and stuff to do in different times of the year. In this set of articles, I will highlight the best seasonal events of each month. April is considered a particularly unpredictable month in terms of weather. In terms of things to do, it is still long before the onset of the summer season - which makes April a good month to explore Vienna off the beaten track.

Weather in Vienna in April

There is a proverb in German that says something along the lines of April being a bastard, since he (months are masculine in German) does what he (here again) wants. This refers to the wide range of weather situations you might encounter in Vienna during April: Sunshine and warm springtime weather, or snow and winterly frost.

An average April day of Vienna reaches a maximum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius - higher than in any other province of Austria except for the Burgenland. The average minimum temperature is 6 degrees. Expect four hours of sunshine on an average April day in Vienna - but also eight days of rain (or even snowfall) over the course of the month. Bring warm clothes that you can put on or off in layers and consider the weather forecast on short notice.

Things to See & Do in Vienna: April

In some years, Easter takes place in April - I have covered matching events in the article on Vienna in March, so please consult that for such a year. The 23rd of April is St. George′s Day; the patron saint of England is also the patron of horses, which are a big deal in Austria. This applies particularly to rural Western Austria, but I bet that the Spanish Riding School in Vienna has some sort of celebration on this day, too. I just don′t know anything about it, so you better check with the tourist information centre.

Things to Do & See in Vienna′s Surroundings: April

In April, the first events start that smell like tourist attractants: A festival of Baroque music in the monastery of Melk in the Wachau; concerts in the neo-Gothic Schloss Grafenegg and its new concert hall; and the opening of those palaces and parks that closed for the winter. Especially late April is a good month for exploring the Marchfeld plain with its many hunting chateaux or the Seewinkel area. In the immediate surroundings of Vienna, the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) becomes "hikeable" again.

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