Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) with Children

Lower Austria or Niederösterreich is very extensive and thus, offers a huge array of attractions - alongside with large stretches of land that are only worth driving through, if at all. It is recommendable to chose where you want to go and what you want to do - but in any case, Vienna is always within driving or commuting distance in case you end up in an area that you don′t like at all. But now about the good things: Lower Austria is packed with castles, since the province was a boarder region for the past millennium and needed to be fortified against various invading ethnicities.

For children, this means: Knight shows, bird of prey displays, and lots of cool Medieval stuff. The best place for such things is probably the Rosenburg castle; Schloss Hardegg is also known for its bird shows and Medieval-style tournaments; and the Franzensburg in the parks of Laxenburg is - despite of not being Medieval, but Romantic and dating back to the 19th century only - a very good spot for a picnic with Knight-and-Damsel-feel.

Second thing worth being exploited for children: Nature. Lunz am See is known for its water sport opportunities and the Schneeberg-Rax area are good for a train ride on a historic route combined with hiking in summer or skiing in winter. Try the National Park Thayatal or the National Park Donauauen for guided tours or stop by at the visitor centre.

Entertaining Kids on a Lower Austria Vacation...

More information in my article on the National Parks of Austria. Speaking of the Donauauen area: There are plenty of small palaces and hunting chateaux, many offer tours and exhibitions suitable for children. Try Schlosshof, the biggest Baroque palace of Austria outside of Vienna. Chances are high that especially during summer, there will be a few family-friendly event.

The hot-spot for historic entertainment in Lower Austria is Carnuntum: The Roman excavations are presented in a state-of-the-art manner with a modern visitor centre and audio tours; during summer, there are Roman festivals, shows and all sorts of cool events for children. The "Museum für Urgeschichte" in Asparn an der Zaya introduces your children to Stone Age. Here they learn how life was like in the days before the www. Another historic thing that Lower Austria is famous for are its many Baroque monasteries. If you choose an appropriate dose for children, I would expect them to impress your little ones. In the abbey of Herzogenburg, the "Kindersommerspiele" are a series of events and activities for children, held in summer.

Theme parks: Try Naturpark Jauerling for some wildlife or the Freilichtmuseum Mostviertel in Haag. For details on this category, please see my articles on "Wildlife Parks in Austria", "Zoos and Aquaria in Austria" and "Theme Parks of Austria".

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