What to See in Vienna:
The Capital′s most popular Sights & Attractions

Plenty of things to see in Vienna

It is the spirit of this website NOT to stick with the crowds and to explore Austria and Vienna in your own way, finding the hidden treasures behind the official image of the country. However, in the days of social networking, tagging and majority conformism (at least on the web), I feel almost obliged to add something like rankings of popular tourist attractions.

The Stephansdom is Vienna's trademark and heavily climbed during the tourist season between January and December

Keep in mind that I do encourage you to look for the real deal beyond the "classic" attractions. There are plenty of articles on this website that will give you advice on where to go and what to see if you are more of an individualist. For the time being, let′s have a look at the hit-list, though: The numbers were collected and published by the city of Vienna in 2005. However, these rankings are fairly solid when it comes to fluctuations and don′t change much.

Several attractions of Vienna do not count visitors - the St Stephansdom Cathedral, for example, or most other churches and sights that don′t sell tickets. Open-air events such as the Christmas Market or the Donauinselfest Concert Festival are not considered for this ranking, either.

Most Wanted: Sights of Vienna

1.) Schloss Schönbrunn: 2,300,081 visitors
2.) Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo: 1,698,012 visitors
3.) Kunsthistorisches Museum (main exhibition): 665,149 visitors
4.) Riesenrad Ferris Wheel: 620,000 visitors
5.) Kaiserappartements, Sisi Museum & Silver Chamber / Hofburg Palace: 583,000 visitors
6.) Albertina: 561,794 visitors
7.) Österreichische Galerie Belvedere: 415,640 visitors
8.) Donauturm Tower: 401,225 visitors
9.) KunstHaus Wien art museum: 349,769 visitors
10.) Leopold Museum in the MuseumsQuartier: 340,000 visitors
11.) Natural History Museum: 338,897 visitors
12.) Treasury / Hofburg: 300,752 visitors
13.) Technical Museum: 285,820 visitors
14.) BA-CA-Kunstforum: 257,360 visitors
15.) Haus des Meeres: 248,000 visitors
16.) Kapuzinergruft: 209,392 visitors
17.) Museum für Angewandte Kunst - MAK: 195,990 visitors
18.) Museum of Modern Art / MuseumsQuartier: 186,369 visitors
19.) Spanish Riding School: 176,322 visitors
20.) Stephansdom Cathedral (tower, catacomb): 161,000 visitors
21.) Karlskirche Church (elevator to frescos): 160,000 visitors
22.) Liechtenstein Museum: 150,000 visitors
23.) Wien Museum Karlsplatz: 144,278 visitors
24.) Palmenhaus Greenhouse Schönbrunn: 142,769 visitors
25.) House of Music: 137,235 visitors
26.) Austrian National Library: 132,633 visitors
27.) Kunsthalle Wien / MuseumsQuartier: 124,041 visitors
28.) Butterflyhouse & Greenhouse / Hofburg: 110,491 visitors
29.) Zoom Kindermuseum / MuseumsQuartier: 107,000 visitors
30.) Secession: 102,833 visitors

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