Austria in Motion: Videos & Movie Clips

Thanks to YouTube and its mysterious way to pay for bandwidth, it is possible to collect some movies and slide shows that deal with Austria. There is a large array of topics covered, mostly sport events of local interest (if any), private holiday memories or short clips of Austrian scenery. Since it is so easy to embed these videos in a website, I collected several of them and present them on this page and a few others.

Most of the following films show the "stereotypical" Austria: They were made by tourism authorities or private individuals that travelled to Austria as foreigners. Keep in mind that aims to show you the real deal that goes beyond the cliché. So I recommend to browse the movies as an appetizer and then do some reading on this website for a more complete picture.

These are a few of my favourite…clichés

Very wild stereotypes and all the things many international visitors expect Austria to be like: Lederhosen, dirndl and other traditional clothing, scenery and neo-Classical architecture, music, rustic food and Baroque facades. All the things that the "Sound of Music Mafia" wants to sell to you - collected in a slideshow that emphasises Vienna.

The Salzkammergut told in much Detail

A documentary on the very edge of being admitted to YouTube - 10 minutes of Salzkammergut action! The video was done with much care, love and dedication by an elderly gentleman from England and it might take a while to load. However, it is well worth waiting a few minutes, as you will see some of the Salzkammergut′s most scenic spots.

Upper Austria Tourism Board Movie

Apparently the Upper Austrian Tourist Information Board is the only one of its kind in all of Austria that has recognised the value of YouTube as a free advertising platform. Here is a delightful piece of propaganda that shows a professionally looking array of the province′s top-touristy things to do and see. People from other provinces tend to tease Upper Austrians for being rural and conservative - here′s another piece of evidence that they are actually savvy techies.

Skiing in the Arlberg Region

The Arlberg unites some of Austria′s most popular skiing regions: St Anton, Lech and Zürs are there. In this video you get an impression of the mighty mountains that offer some of the country′s most demanding slopes. Other places fit for skiing are in Western Tyrol (such as Kitzbühel or Alpbach) or southern Salzburg (such as Zell am See or Badhofgastein).

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