Free Wireless Lan in Vienna:
Internet for everybody!

There are plenty of free wireless lan spots in Vienna

If you travel in Vienna with a notebook, you are quite lucky - there are several "hotspots" or wireless lan networks that are free and open to all users. Most of then are operated by a company called "Freewave" and presented by cafes, hotels or restaurants.

Usually, you have to order at least drinks in order to get the permission to use the internet, but some wireless lans are accessible in public areas. This includes in particular the one of the Museumsquartier, which makes a wonderfully relaxing environment to hang out, enjoy the arty atmosphere and check your e-mails.

In the following, you find a list of wireless lan spots in Vienna. For a current and frequently updated list on hotspots in all of Austria, see the website of Freewave - for this list, I cannot guarantee that it is up to date, since the number of internet hotspots increases rapidly and is quite dynamic.

First District Vienna: Innere Stadt

Burger King
Annagasse 3

Cafe Central
Herrengasse / Strauchgasse

Café Engländer
Postgasse 2

Café Landtmann
Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 4

Café Prückel
Stubenring 24

Coffee Day
Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 10

Coffee Day
Tegetthoffstraße 7

Coffeeshop Company
Krugerstraße 6

Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3

Holmes Place - Lounge Bar
Wipplinger Straße 30

Hotel Austria
Fleischmarkt 20 / Wolfengasse 3

Hotel Kärntnerhof
Grashofgasse 4

Hotel Mailberger Hof
Annagasse 7

Hotel Schweizerhof
Bauernmarkt 22

Hotel zur Wiener Staatsoper
Krugerstraße 11

Il Tempo
Walfischgasse 8

Il Tempo
Wallnerstraße 2

Wallnerstraße 2

Wollzeile 19

Johannesgasse 2

Merth & Tiempo
Hegelgasse 9

Österreicher im MAK
Stubenring 5

Segafredo Espresso
Kärntner Ring 5-7 (Ringstraßen-Galerien)

Sofie's Bar
Biberstraße 9

Goldschmiedgasse 8

Wiener Börsensäle
Wipplinger Straße 34

X-Celsior Caffè-Bar
Opernring 1

Second District Vienna: Leopoldstadt

Lhotzkys Literaturbuffet
Taborstraße 28 / Rotensterngasse

Stadion Center
Olympiaplatz 2

Tiempo Nuevo
Taborstraße 17

Fourth District Vienna: Wieden

Kunsthallencafé am Karlsplatz
Treitlstraße 2

The Four Bells Irish Pub & Club
Schleifmühlgasse 2

Wieden Bräu
Waaggasse 5

Fifth District Vienna: Margarethen

aQuadrat Café-Bar
Margaretenstraße 55

Café Standard
Margaretenstraße 63

Am Margaretenplatz

Schönbrunner Straße 21

Sixth District Vienna: Mariahilf

Bella Vienna Apartment Hotel
Gumpendorferstraße 65

Café G'schamster Diener
Stumpergasse 19

Café Sperl
Gumpendorferstraße 11

Dots Lounge
Mariahilfer Straße 103

Amerlingstraße 15

lutz - die bar
Mariahilfer Straße 3

Magdalenenstraße 17

Seventh District Vienna: Neubau

Audiamo Hörbuch-Café
Kaiserstraße 70

Café Leopold
Museumsplatz 1

Café Restaurant Halle
Museumsplatz 1

Hotel Savoy
Lindengasse 12

Mariahilfer Straße 88a

Plutzer Bräu
Schrankgasse 2

Premium Events im MuseumsQuartier
Museumsplatz 1

Eigth District Vienna: Josefstadt

Café Benno
Alser Straße 67

Café Florianihof
Florianigasse 45

Café Hummel
Josefstädter Straße 66

Il Tempo
Josefstädter Straße 16

Josefstädter Straße 14

The Levante Laudon
Laudongasse 8

The Levante Parliament
Auerspergstraße 9

Ninth District Vienna: Alsergrund

Café Weimar
Währinger Straße 68

Charlie P's Irish Pub
Währinger Straße 3

Coffee Day
Währinger Straße 22

Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik
Lazarettgasse 16-18

Hotel Goldener Bär
Türkenstraße 27

Tenth District Vienna: Favoriten

Café Restaurant Leitner (BP Station)
Triester Straße 104

Eleventh District Vienna: Simmering

Segafredo Espresso
Guglgasse 11 / STCE1 Gasometer

Twelfth District Vienna: Meidling

Hotel Kaiserpark-Schönbrunn
Grünbergstraße 11

13th District Vienna: Hietzing

Volkshochschule Hietzing
Hofwiesengasse 48

15th District Vienna: Fünfhaus

Kardinal Rauscher Platz 3

16th District Vienna: Ottakring

Café Ritter
Ottakringer Straße 117

Ottakringer Landhaus
Albrechtskreithgasse 38

Schwarzer Rabe
Ottakringer Straße 180

17th District Vienna: Hernals

Café Restaurant Sportzentrum Marswiese
Neuwaldeggerstraße 57A

Hotel Pension Am Lerchenfeld
Hernalser Gürtel 5

Segafredo Espresso
Elterleinplatz 5

18th District Vienna: Währing

Lounge Gersthof
Gersthofer Straße 30

19th District Vienna: Döbling

Döblinger Gürtel 2

Café Restaurant Cobenzl
Am Cobenzl 94

20th District Vienna: Brigittenau

Segafredo Espresso
Wehlistraße 66 (Millenium City)

21st District Vienna: Floridsdorf

Segafredo Espresso
Am Spitz 13

22nd District Vienna: Donaustadt

Segafredo Espresso
Wagramerstraße 79 (Donauplex)

23rd District Vienna: Liesing

Hotel Pension Altmann
Breitenfurter Straße 515

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