Bermudadreieck, Vienna:
Going out in the "Bermuda Triangle" Party Mile

The Bermudadreieck or Bermuda Triangle is an area with pubs and bars in a historic corner of Vienna′s city centre. It got its name because it is easy to get lost in one of the many bars, get drunk and then awake a few days later in some gutter with no memory of what had happened. Personally, I can′t stand the Bermudadreieck - it attracts wannabe-yuppies, tourists and real yuppies, in declining amounts. The bars feel cheap and tacky, but in fact, they are really expensive. The Bermudadreieck traditionally spreads between Rabensteig, Seitenstettengasse and Ruprechtsplatz. This makes the "triangle" in the strict sense, but in fact, similar bars and pubs with a similar clientele can be found in other parts of Vienna′s first district.

The Bermudadreieck is a development of Vienna′s decadent 1980ies. This was the time when the cold war had chilled down (at least it felt like that in Vienna), and even conservative-sleepy Austria developed something like a party scene. Lacking the class of a metropolis, the time was right for the rise of the Bermudadreieck. I was a child in the 1980ies, so my memories of typical 1980ies things involve school, the spirit of recycling, Chernobyl and demonstrating environmentalists.

Party in Vienna: Going out at Bermudadreieck

However, other elements of Austrian 1980ies culture were Falco, Hundertwasser′s building projects, Falco, the construction of the Donauinsel and the now traditional Donauinselfest, Falco, clubbings in the empty Gasometer (now fashionable apartment blocks) and the old slaughterhouses of the third district, Falco, drinking around Donnerbrunnen, Falco, a wave of new German singers (Neue Deutsche Welle) in which some people include Falco, shady deals between East and West agreed upon in Vienna′s cafes and clubs - and of course Falco, the god of the 1980ies.

Only a few years earlier, in the 1970ies, the area of today′s Bermudadreieck was still known as a Jewish neighbourhood: The Stadttempel or main synagogue of Vienna can be found in Seitenstettengasse, and many Jewish-run cloth trade companies had their headquarters there. At this time, people who wanted to open a bar or pub had to pass an evaluation if a pub or bar was needed in a particular area. This was abolished in 1980 and within a few months, three bars that are still run today were opened around the Stadttempel. Soon they had built up quite some reputation and others followed.

Bars & Pubs at Bermudadreieck today: Vienna's "Party Mile"

Today, the Bermudadreieck is recommended in pretty much any city guide as Vienna′s "party mile". I don′t really understand that. On a weekday, everything is calm after 10 pm. On the weekends, rowdy crowds of guys in Tommy-Hilfiger shirts and girls with fake pearl earrings and popped polo collars - both kinds usually drunk from over-priced cocktails - populate the Bermudadreieck.

As a verdict, I think that Vienna has far more attractive areas to offer where one could go out. Besides, the Bermudadreieck is far from being an "inside tip". I'd rather recommend the Spittelberg, which is getting increasingly bourgeois and is far from being an inside-tip itself, but at least it has preserved some charm.

Attractions nearby are the Stadttempel, the Kornhäuselturm, the Ruprechtskirche; further up towards the city centre you get to the Hoher Markt Square with Ankeruhr Clock and Vermählungsbrunnen. However, if you aim for the Bermudadreieck, I guess you are not up for sightseeing anyway.

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