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At no time in history sailing was more popular than it is today. Every year, more people discover their passion for exploring the World offshore. This growth in the general interest on this hobby is echoed in an increasing demand for information on boats, gear and cruise-related topics in the internet.

On sailing vacation in the MediterraneanLooking for a guide on how to get started? Practical advice for your next cruise to the Caribbean? New friends for niche-vacations? This website aims to bring together relevant information for people who want to learn more about any aspect of sailing, no matter if yachting terms, gear reviews, weather conditions, the theory of sailing or guidelines for buying, maintaining or refurbishing a boat.

I collected information from a variety of sources to supplement my own experience. This site is still very young but grows rapidly a reason to come back frequently and check out the new sections! I hope to offer you stimulating innovations with every visit.

Explore the World Offshore, Sailor!

My emphasis will be on the key areas of sailing as a hobby and a mean of recreation. I am no professional competitive sailor or anything I am simply a yachting enthusiast who enjoys feeling the wind in my back on weekends. And I enjoy writing on my passion to share it with others.

A Sailboat in the CaribbeanFurthermore, I would like to encourage you to become active yourself be it in your local communities, be it by tackling your own little sailing adventure and sharing it with other users through Sailingahead.com. Sailing is a social thing.

My sailing directory will provide you with valuable references to find more information on detailed or specialist topics. From a tame tour around a Greek Island to a single-handed circumnavigation around the World, here you should find the right appetizers for any kind of boating.

I hope that Sailingahead.com will accompany your cruise! Best,

Signature: Chris Roithmayr, Sailingahead.com mastermind

Areas of Interest

Getting started: A beginner's guide to the sport, useful background information on topics like weather, science and history of sailing, boat essentials and a glossary; introductory articles to more specialized topics such as cruising and advanced navigation are planned. Note the one on financing a sailing holiday.

Sailing Link Directory: This section is rapidly growing, so make sure to check new additions frequently. So far I got the following topics covered: weather - museums - history - magazines - associations - yacht owners - colleges - repair - design - biology - yacht builders - general

Gear Reviews: Learn about the stuff you need to sail a boat - about materials, producers, different types of equipment; find out what you really need for your specific interests such as foul weather gear, compasses, gloves, binoculars, tools, first aid kits or ropes.

On Boats: What to keep in mind when you buy or rent a boat; how to repair and maintain hull, deck and interiors; where to find second hand vessels and what type of boat matches with your needs; how to spot stolen yachts - and to to protect your own from theft

Cruise Vacation Guide: Everything you need to know before going on a cruise; visa and health advice, local hints to the Mediterranean, tropical diseases, piracy, seasickness, environmental issues and a cruise destination guide for almost 200 countries in the regions of the Mediterranean, North America, Caribbean, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, North Atlantic, Northern Europe, West Africa, Indian Ocean.

Picture gallery: Look at the visually appealing aspects of sailing, with pictures dealing with nautical themes; including an extensive gallery by J. M. W. Turner, the pioneer of impressionism and Mediterranean cruise pictures as well as a guide to sailing photos.

Books: Browse the reviews on "Chris' Favorite Sailing Books". They come from a diverse bunch of areas, such as boat repairs, nautical design, sailing essentials or cruising guide. Frequently updated!

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