Links to related websites

Of course, Collbot is not 100% innovation. We are building on the substrate of prior projects in the fields of open-source development, robotics, prototype development and other areas. We draw inspiration from related projects or completely different ones with a similar spirit. We exchange ideas with like-minded developers, use - often open-source - tools and keep an eye on competitors.

On this page, you will find links to projects, products and other websites that we think are worth looking into.

Related Projects
Visit NAO, the French super-star and probably the best humanoid robot research platform around – for now
DARwe-OP, might have a stupid name, head and URL (it is abbreviated above), but has interesting aspects and is technically advanced – and open source!
iCub, fancy and good-looking, but partly outdated; yet an inspiring robotics project from the realm of the EU
Not a robot, but otherwise pursued with similar intentions
Android, the open-source operating system for mobile devices of our choíce

Tools we use, want to use or dream of using
Useful for structuring your thoughts into a problem tree; open-source and free
Information on the GNU free documentation license
Orchestrating a de-centralised workflow requires a lot of communication – thanks to Skype, that doesn’t cost us money
Our facebook page, currently used as a mean to contact us and exchange information on our project or
3D printing – fun for making hardware
TED talks offer further inspiration - in more than 1,100 individual talks

Other great robotics and AI websites
Boston Dynamics publishes information on new, cool robots once every couple of months
Robot blog with news from around the world
The world of robots, nicely presented
Passed the Turing test in 2011 and is a neat online toy
Forum and exchange place for DARwe-OP and related platforms