What is the target of Project Collbot?

The collaborative creation of an affordable, humanoid robot based on open-source hardware and software.

Collbot is:

- Open-source: A truly collaborative robot created by a community that has no commercial interests. All IP for both hard- and software are licensed according to GFDL.

- Affordable: Simple standard parts from model building and no licenses on IP will allow people with tight budgets throughout the world to have access to personal robots.

- A body for your smartphone: Making your smartphone the "brain" of Collbot makes the robot not only cheaper, but also adds a humanoid body to your apps and phone functions.

- Diverse and evolving: New hardware parts and should continuously be developed, new behaviours added to a library

- An asset to your life: A fun friend that can engage in basic social interaction and perform simple household tasks.

- Easy to use: The community will develop tutorials and other communication tools and it will keep an eye on usability.

- Collbot is: the coolest toy you have ever had.

For discussions on the project, a forum will be set up soon. In the meantime, a facebook page was created for an informal, efficient exchange: http://www.facebook.com/collbot