Environmental Impact Assessments in Germany, Austria & the United Kingdom

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Statement of Support
List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

1.) Introduction
1.1. Definitions, Underlying Idea and Philosophy of EIA
1.2. Historic Development of EIA
1.3. Overview on relevant legislation and environmental law
1.4. Sources of International Law of particular relevance
1.5. Questions arising from the dual legislation in the EU

2.) The EUís EIA Directive and the resulting framework
2.1. The role of Community Law and the EIA directive
2.2. National legislation in Austria
2.3. National legislation in Germany
2.4. National legislation in the United Kingdom

3.) National Comparisons of EIA in Germany, Austria and the UK
3.1. Implementation of EIA into the general clearance procedure
3.2. Implementation of EIA aspects into national legislation
3.2.1. Objective and definition of a project
3.2.2. Screening legislation
3.2.3. Structure and scope of EIA practice
3.2.4. Criteria for a clearance

4.) Assessment of EIA practice beyond Law
4.1. Duration of EIA
4.2. Stakeholder views on screening practice

5.) Discussion: A need for more harmony?
5.1. Comparative studies on EIAs in the EU
5.2. On the main findings
5.3. On screening legislation and practice
5.4. Harmony versus autonomy and further studies
5.5. Future directions of EIAs

6.) References

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